Friday, February 4, 2011



"Even though I'm not a local, I still enjoy the links and information from the songwriter's website."
Singer Songwriter Matt Harlan, Houston, Tx

"Thank you very much for this note. Viewed the news letter. You and the Association are doing a great job. Congratulations. It came as a great surprise. I am very grateful. Will be glad to be part of what you are doing, learn and contribute in my little way. God bless you all, and all yours
amen. Thanks."
Conrad Ricketts, Nigeria

"Well done. Very Grateful. Good Bless you and all the work the Association is doing. By God's grace, we'll come down and join you soon. Thanks", Conrad Ricketts, Nigeria


"I can't wait to see you again and learn more! I loved every minute of the meeting last Tuesday night"
Singer Songwriter Donna Scroggins

"The Dallas Songwriters Assosiation is the perfect avenue to learn the craft of songwriting. They give you a place to get your song heard and going in the right direction."
Randy Hopper and The Big Texas Boys. Allen, TX

"I was one of the new comers at the meeting last night . I wanted to thank all who were there for a great experience. I enjoyed every minute of it. It is so nice to hear people talk about writing songs. I saw an environment at the meeting last night that was totally contrary to the archaic images my imagination has come up with over the years. The critique, which I thought would be very uncomfortable to me, even when I wasn't the one being critiqued, was enthralling and not bad. I took notes. I just cant say enough. I am on an absolute mission to get something recorded to be critiqued by the next meeting. Thank you,"
Cort Stilwell, Crandall, TX

It was a privilege to hear u speak last night at the DSA meeting. I have met so many outstanding people and learned so much in the past 5 months find the whole experience humbling. 
Loretta Dunnaway, Dalllas, Tx


"When I first about Dallas Songwriters Association sponsoring a song writing contest from early fall of 2005, I knew nothing about the organization. Funny thing now, looking back, is that it is truly remarkable that I even entered that contest, since I'm not in the habit of doing so. It was the great write-up that Broadjam sent out about the DSA group that drew me in. You cannot begin to imagine my surprise when several weeks later I was notified that my entry had won first place in its category! This was unmistakably one of the highlights of 2005 for my professional and personal career. I sent out an e-mail to everyone I knew sharing the good news with them. People still comment on what they perceive as a noteworthy accomplishment. I couldn't agree more: it means a whole lot to be recognized by your peers! Since that time I've enjoyed being a new member of the group. The constant encouragement and reminder that we as a group are in this exciting business of song-writing together, cooperating, not competing, provides positive motivation to keep after my craft. Thank you all for including me in your illustrious ranks! "
Joel LaRiccia, Bay Village, OH

“This past weekend I was in Texas for the Dallas Songwriters Association’s annual song contest awards banquet. This is one of the premier songwriting organizations in the country and they certainly know what they’re doing when it comes to putting on an event. The DSA is an organization that songwriting groups should model. They are organized, hard working and dedicated to helping songwriters everywhere. Many of the submissions came form overseas and many from other parts of the U.S. Thanks again to the Dallas folks for being such great hosts”.
Roy Elkins, CEO,, Madison, WS.

" I was getting married the weekend following the DSA awards..Now that I'm back in the land of the living I wanted to thank you so much for including me in such a wonderful event. I really had a great time! So much talent in one room can get intimidating but everyone was so great and warm. You have a wonderful organization and I was proud to be a part of the awards ceremony. I wish you the best and if there is anything I can do to help please let me know."
Chris Yurchuck, New York

"I'm very happy to have been chosen a runner-up in your song competition. Your organization is first-rate and it's a real honor for me to be selected.”
Bobby Caputo ,Portland, OR

It's been a pleasure being a part of your contest this year!
Christal Prout - "Over Now", 2nd place Americana category

Hi Barbe,

Just wanted to thank you and the DSA for the check and prizes. I really enjoyed entering the song contest and eagerly await to enter again next year. Although I didn't win first place, I was thrilled to have gotten second place in the singer/songwriter catagory. I know that I was competing with many truly gifted songwriters and the experience has been very enlightening. I hope to have some new songs with a real record producer next time. ( I am not a producer and my fine songs suffered for it )
The learning experience has been awesome. I also want to thank you for keeping me informed, you and your staff have a great contest, your attention to detail makes the DSA Song Contest the ultimate songwriting event. Thanks again.
Wyler Delray, Creve Couer, IL


"Even though I'm a remote member - LaGrange, GA - I decided to join DSA because of the lyric contest. I took up the hobby of lyrics writing and I was looking for a way to evaluate if I was any good (or not) and if I was getting any better - I believed my mother but wasn't sure she was objective. After searching the internet for lyrics contests I decided that DSA's slogan "Recognition is the best reward" was exactly how I felt. Most of the contests promise big things in return for big somethings - I think the DSA $50 first place award is perfect. When my last entry came in third - I received zero dollars but my lyrics being posted on the website was worth more to me then hundreds of dollars. I have also obtained valuable assistance and advice from DSA members - particularly Sherrie Davis."
Mike Parrish, La Grange, GA  

"I just wanted to thank you for placing me 2nd in the Summer 2010 DSA Lyric Contest for, 'Son, Now Tomorrow is Another Day.' What lovely news, and so encouraging. I appreciate your advise in brackets, and will be taking these on board.
Being a lyricist I am always at the mercy of the musician I work with, but since joining DSA I have been filled with confidence and now happily have nearly forty songs to showcase, met some wonderful musicians and have recently formed a partnership with an American songwriter writing Country lyrics, of which I love. As my father used to say, "From tiny acorns, mighty Oaks will grow." It is about keeping focused on that dream, and taking on board any advise and critique to help you along your journey. Thank you again."
Best Wishes from a chilly UK , Mellina (Barnett)

I received a $50.00 check in the mail today for first place in the lyric contest.  Thank you so much. I am so excited to have won and I appreciate this so much!  
Dana Young, Anthony, KS


Hello All:
I am currently deployed to Iraq, this is my 3rd tour between Iraq and Afghanistan. I watched your interviews on AFN and just wanted to say thank you for remembering us and would love to hear the CD upon its completion. The hardest thing about being over here is being away from my family. Deployments and separation have cost me two marriages and two precious children that I don’t get to see and touch nearly enough. I am currently married to a wonderful women that also serves our great Nation and we have a 18 month old son that I miss tremendously. Listening to music such as you all are writing and singing helps me cope with my separation from my family. I just wanted to share my thoughts and thank you all for what you do for us.
Thank You All,
CPT Clifford D. Latting

I applaud what your organization is doing with supporting the troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. A few days ago I saw a report on the Pentagon channel on your organization on how all of you involved are doing with the troops here in the middle east and Afghanistan.
I’ve always told people from others states in the US that Texas folks have the biggest hearts when it comes to assisting other people.
Way to go DALLAS
Best Regards,  "Gus Perea, Plant Manager, WPS-06 Victory Base Camp, Baghdad, Iraq, AL-Morrell Development 


"Hats off to the DSA Board; as a passive DSA participant, my one observation is that Buck is a great communicator and looks good carrying the sword (or is that axe) for the Association!! A BIG thank you to all of you for giving so much of your time to the benefit of the rest of us! cheers" 
 Butch Schindel

"Before joining the DSA I had written one song. Two years after joining the DSA I have written over 60 songs, took top honors at the Wildflower performing songwriters competition, and am about to release a CD of my original work. The support and guidance of the DSA membership helped make this possible. Through DSA meetings, song critiques, workshops, and showcases I learned about the art and business of writing songs. This gave me the courage to take my songs outside my circle of friends and family. DSA provided me with two of the most important things to a songwriter; knowledge and support..”
Ian Dickson, McKinney, TX 

"Songwriting is often a solitary endeavor. Joining the DSA allows the songwriter to meet and interact with others who share the same passions and challenges, These people become the base of a great network and support group to help further one's songwriting efforts." Bill Schereck, Dallas • "As I was counting my blessings for this year, one of them is DSA and you! Thank you so much for all you do. It was great to be at the awards banquet this year, an honor to perform, and thank you again for the DSA membership! May God bless you in 2006,"
Charlotte Ryerson, Texarkana, TX 
"Thanks! I'm really enjoying being a member, and I can't tell you how much all your support means to me. It's one thing if your family likes your songs, but it really means something when you're recognized by your peers. Thank you so much,"
Ed Williams, Dallas, Tx

"I have now been a member of DSA for over two years and there are two major ways I , and my music, have benefited directly from my association with the individuals that make up the group. The first is a rekindling of my love for singing and playing and enjoying hearing other people sing and play. The second and most important is it has driven me to challenge myself as a writer more and more every time I pick up the pen or begin a new chord pattern on the Guitar or even as I hum a melody going down the road in my car.. It has made me painfully aware of the "Structure" in songwriting, which may seem like the same old thing , and more, how to use and muse that structure to bring the focus of the words and music to a certain ebb and flowthroughout the song. I have rediscovered the emotion of songwriting and the enrichment in my life through the release of this emotion through writing. Thanks DSA."
Craig St.Clair,STC Productions, Dallas, Tx

"The DSA connection opened my mind, my style, my creativity and my spirit. I learned structure, discipline, the art of seeing, how to think outside the lines, how to network, and made life long friends with people that have the same obsessions I do."
Wayne Richards, Portland, OR

"Thank You again for your help Barbara,
People like you and Roy Elkins are truly friends to all songwriters and give them hope."
Andre Kerek, Miami, FL

"dear DSA members, i brag on you all the time! i want to take a minute to say thank you for all the support and friendship over the years. though we are separated by distance, our hearts are united in our efforts and adventure of writing songs and helping each other succeed!
jerialice Arsenault, Castell, TX on the Llano River

" I would like to commend DSA for providing a place for all songwriters to come together and learn from each other. 
Thanks, Kris Evans

"What a terrific site you have as well as the commendable job you folks do in giving aspiring musicians/songwriters a venue."
John Ucello

"My wife and I are moving to Nashville.
DSA was the first songwriting organization that I joined when I started this new career. When I wasn't sure where to start, DSA and its members were there to point me in the right direction. I've made so many great friends and every monthly meeting has exceeded my expectations...I always learn something new.
I encourage all DSA members to become more active participants through serving on the board. It was a great experience for me. Besides, DSA could use your help. It's not time consuming and it makes a huge difference when members help out.
I will continue to help DSA in any way I can from Nashville."
Regards, Bob Paterno


"Barbara - Thanks very much for this valuable posting", in reply to a posting on the DSA members yahoo group of opportunities for songwriters to place their music and get radio airplay.
Jaime Leopold, Portland, OR